Institute for Brand and Competitiveness Strategy has below purposes, functions and duties :

1. Purposes

BCSI is a non-governmental, financial autonomy and non-profit organization. The main financial source of BCSI comes from not only founder member’s contribution but also the cooperation between BCSI and enterprises, organizations in scientific research, education, advisement, information; sponsored by domestic and foreign organizations.

2. Functions

 BCSI gathers dedicated scientists and professional staffs to study, advise, transfer science and technology applications in Brand build and development, competitive strategy, corporate governance, steady enlargement, advisement, training, local brand and business competitiveness supporting.

3. Duties

  • Researching, evaluating, training and transferring human resources technology in Brand and Competitiveness Strategy Area
  • Researching theory and practical experience of Brand and Competitiveness Strategy
  • Educating and training corporate governance staffs in economy and economic sectors
  • Advising for domestic and foreign enterprises about Brand and Competitiveness Strategy, Business cooperation and association.
  • Organizing forums, conferences, seminars about strategy, brand, competition; gathering and offering enterprises’ aspiration, petition to policy-making agency in Viet Nam
  • Informing and publishing Brand and Competitiveness Strategy printing.