However, for Vietnamese enterprises, the opening of the market for imported goods has raised the issue that the enterprise must promote investment in improving product quality, maintaining market share in the face of the fierce competition of imported goods

The belief in Vietnamese goods is declining

The survey’s results on the selection of high-quality Vietnamese goods in 2018 by the Business Association of Vietnam High-Quality Products conducted with 13,000 households in 12 provinces and cities showed that favorite and purchased frequently domestic products have fallen to 27% and 32% (those in 2017 were 51% and 60%)


Korean items sold at Lotte Mart

Retail expert Vu Vinh Phu (deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Trade) said that the cause of consumer confidence’s decrease in Vietnamese goods is that foreigners have pushed up to usurp the retail system. Therefore, it limits the consumption of Vietnamese goods by raising the discount rate of up to 30%. In addition, there is practical support from their state agencies for enterprises investing in the retail market in Vietnam. This support has created favorable conditions for international retailers to launch many programs introducing imported products, thereby attracting and conquering Vietnamese consumers.

Not only that, one of the reasons for the belief of consumers for Vietnamese goods drastically reduces is that some Vietnamese businesses do not transparent. The more reputable Vietnamese brands in the market face more risks due to the problem of counterfeit goods. Deputy Director of Investment Promotion - Trade - Tourism Center of Hanoi (HPA) Nguyen Thi Mai Anh stated: With the purpose of supporting businesses to promote products to domestic and international consumers, HPA and Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade held many fairs of Vietnamese goods. However, enterprises participating in the fair have focused only on the ​​consumption of goods, disregarded the promotion of products to consumers or partners seeking to consume in the future.

Innovation, enhancing the competitiveness

In order to regain the trust of consumers with Vietnamese goods, businesses have to shift from quantity to quality, improve the quality of goods, enhance the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods. Chairman of the Viet-Czech Key Joint Stock Company Luong Van Thang said that first the enterprises must change the thinking towards that they must be responsible to consumers and society. Products not only to satisfy the creativity of enterprises, but also to compete with foreign goods, thereby to be able to conquer domestic consumers.

Agree with this opinion, Deputy General Director of Big C Thang Long supermarket Nguyen Thai Dung stated: Although Big C supermarkets support the consumption of Vietnamese goods, the reality is that many Vietnamese companies have not paid attention to copyright registration, intellectual property registration, geographical indications to assert sovereignty and distinctive features of the product. Those companies have not paid proper attention to the packaging, design and construction standards… However, it’s not enough to rely only on the business that the trade promotion center should support for enterprises in providing market information, from design guidelines, packaging design for them.

In order to further improve the effectiveness of the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods", the head of the campaign in Hanoi, Mr Vu Hong Khanh suggested the enterprises improve their quality, competitiveness, along with promote the branding, products to consumers.

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